Dr. Guriqbal S Nayyar grew up in Punjab in Northern India. His earliest childhood memories revolve around his dogs as his father was very fond of pets and his first dog was a Pomeranian named Snowy. Since then, he developed a love and keen interest for four legged companions.

He graduated from the College of Veterinary Sciences, Punjab Agricultural University, India in 2005 and practiced mixed animal practice for 6 years in India before moving to Canada in 2012. He did his ECFVG Certification from Mississippi State University in 2017.

Dr. Nayyar moved to Clovis to work as a full-time small animal veterinarian in 2017. He got a chance to work at various veterinary hospitals in Canada and US before deciding to open his own practice to serve Fresno and surrounding areas where he felt there was a big need for a pet hospital which can bring quality and time effective pet care to the clients and cater to the ever evolving needs and health conditions of our furry family members. He loves helping his clients take care of their pet’s health issues and feels well rewarded seeing his clients and patients happy.

He has a strong focus on preventative medicine, soft tissue surgeries, cardiology, ultrasonography, dermatology and emergency medicine. He likes to help his clients achieve a practical approach to their pet’s health issues and understands the importance of client focused and pet friendly veterinary care.

In his free time, he enjoys creating bedtime stories for his kids, along with reading modern history, traveling and learning filmmaking and music. After having lived in India and Canada, he proudly calls the United States his home. He lives in Clovis with his wife, kids and “Romeo, The Cat”